bare1 [beə US ber] adj
1¦(without clothes)¦
3¦(not covered/empty)¦
4 the bare facts
5¦(smallest amount necessary)¦
6 the bare bones
7 lay something bare
8 with your bare hands
9 bare infinitive
[: Old English; Origin: bAr]
not covered by clothes
= ↑naked
a ragged child with bare feet
She felt the sun warm on her bare arms.
bare-headed/bare-chested/bare-legged etc
2.) ¦(LAND/TREES)¦
not covered by trees or grass, or not having any leaves
The trees soon gave way to bare rock.
empty, not covered by anything, or not having any decorations
She looked round her tiny bare room.
a bare wood staircase
4.) the bare facts
a statement that tells someone only what they need to know, with no additional details
The newspaper had simply published the bare facts.
5.) ¦(SMALLEST AMOUNT NECESSARY)¦ [only before noun]
the very least amount of something that you need to do something
He got 40% - a bare pass.
The room had the bare minimum (=the smallest amount possible) of furniture.
the bare essentials/necessities
Her bag was light, packed with only the bare essentials.
If you ask her about herself, she gives only the barest (=the smallest amount possible) of details.
6.) the bare bones
the most important parts or facts of something without any detail
We have outlined only the bare bones of the method.
7.) lay sth bare
a) to uncover something that was previously hidden
When the river is low, vast stretches of sand are laid bare.
b) to make known something that was secret
historical writing which seeks to lay bare the true nature of an event
8.) with your bare hands
without using a weapon or a tool
He had killed a man with his bare hands .
9.) bare infinitive
technical the basic form of a verb, for example 'go' or 'eat'
>bareness n [U]
bare 2
bare2 v [T]
1.) to remove something that was covering or hiding something
The dog bared its teeth .
He bared his back to the hot sun.
2.) bare your soul
to reveal your most secret feelings

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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